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A Hike at Yellowstone

While I was in Yellowstone with troop 8, we spent one day hiking up a mountain, watching Old Faithful Erupt, and we saw hot pools and mud pools. I saw hot pools with colors such as jade, pristine, rustic brown, and radiant. The most well known hot pool with these colors is Morning Glory, which is one of the prettiest thing I will ever see. Seeing Old Faithful Blow was like seeing a mini volcano erupt.

Wyoming Rodeo

One of the days I spent in Yellowstone was centered around the more urban city of Casper. I ate barbeque at a restaurant while watching talented country singers perform. Afterwards, I went to the Wyoming rodeo to watch people ride horses and bulls. Although the barrel racing was fine, the real show was the cowboys being flung about by disgruntled bulls. There was a contest where kids could try to bull a ribbon from a baby bull’s tail. There was a gift card reward, and Tripp actually won this contest. There were some funny people who surrounded Tripp afterwards and shouted, “Tri, Tri, Tri, Tri!”

Mt. Rushmore & My Face

During my ride back from Yellowstone, my troop made a quick stop at Mt. Rushmore. It was difficult to comprehend the gigantic amount of time and money that building this gargantuan-sized monument took. It was an honor to be temporarily on the cliff beside George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson.

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