About T8

8 patchThe Boy Scout troop at First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi, is Troop 8. While the number “8” does not have a relationship to any national ranking or indication of age, Troop 8 does have the distinction of being one of the longest continuously sponsored troops in the nation. We have been sponsored by First Baptist Church of Jackson since 1921.

With this distinction also comes a very close relationship between the values of First Baptist Church of Jackson and Troop 8. The Boy Scouts of America advocates service to God. Troop 8 advocates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, this being consistent with our sponsoring organization. While Troop 8 does emphasize and encourage Christianity, there is no form of discrimination tolerated among Scouts or leadership.

Troop 8 also has a proven track record of producing Eagle Scouts – with a national average of 2 – 5% of Scouts becoming Eagles, Troop 8 averages 20%. Our ultimate goal is for every Scout to reach the rank of Eagle. But our immediate goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for each Scout to feel free to explore and to discover the potential God has placed in his life to succeed in all areas of life. We believe the process of moving toward the rank of Eagle to be as important as achieving that rank. What a Scout (and a parent) experiences in the process of learning how to be part of a team, self-discipline, leadership, and the other skills which are developed are treasures the Scout and the parent will cherish.