Merit Badge Information

Visit for detailed information on all the BSA merit badges.

Earning merit badges gives a scout the opportunity to learn or increase his knowledge of a certain subject while ehancing his skills.

There are more than 100 merit badges for you to choose from. You may earn any merit badge at any time, with Scoutmaster or Patrol Advisor approval. Don’t wait for someone to tell you when and which merit badge to work on. You don’t need to reach a certain rank in order to be eligible. However, you should concentrate on achieving the rank of First Class before devoting a lot time to working on merit badges.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to complete too many badges at one time. We recommend that you actively work on no more than two at one time until you reach the rank of First Class, and no more than five at one time thereafter.

You can find information about merit badge requirements in the appropriate merit badge pamphlets and in the current year’s Boy Scout Requirements book. Merit Badge books may be purchased at the Scout Shop located on Riverside Drive in Jackson.

Here are the steps to earning a merit badge:

  • Get a merit badge form from the Scout Room or download from the link to the left.
  • Have either the Advancement Chair, Scoutmaster or your Patrol Advisor sign the form indicating it is alright for you to begin the specified merit badge.
  • Contact the assigned merit badge counselor to set up an appointment to talk with him before beginning the requirements.
  • Work on the badge requirements until you complete them, meeting with the counselor whenever necessary. You must complete the stated requirements and satisfy the standards of each merit badge. The merit badge counselor mayencourage you to do more than the requirements state but he or she may not require it. YOU (not the counselor, Scoutmaster, Patrol Advisor or Advancement Chairman) keep the merit badge form until you have completed the requirements and the counselor has signed the form. If you lose this form, you will have to start the badge over unless the counselor is willing and able to vouch for what you already completed.
  • If you change counselors for any reason, it is up to the new counselor whether or not he or she will accept the work you did with the previous counselor. Normally the new counselor will ask you a few questions, and if the counselor is satisfied that you actually did the work that was signed off, he or she will accept it.
  • After you complete the merit badge and the counselor signs your merit badge form, turn it into the Advancement Chairman.

You will receive your merit badge the next time they are awarded, which is typically at the next Court of Honor.